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Automatically creates a single .css file from a collection of .less files using lessphp
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Automatically creates a single .css file from a collection of .less files using lessphp

Much thanks to jtgrimes for the less4laravel packages, upon which most of this package is based:

More thanks due to leafo for the lessphp packages, which this package would be useless without:


Add zanemiller/less-one as a requirement to composer.json:

	"require": {
    	"zanemiller/less-one": "0.2.*"

Run the composer update utility with composer update or install with composer install

You now register the package with Laravel. Open app/config/app.php and add find the providers section and add:


Next find the aliases section and add:

	'LessOne' => 'Zanemiller\LessOne\LessOneFacade'

To use LessOne with the default settings you will also have to create three folders (if they do not already exist in your project).

In the /app folder create two folders called css and less respectivly.

Finally in /public create a folder called css

So your final file structure should include:



First publish a copy of the configuration file with Aritisan:

$ php artisan config:publish zanemiller/less-one

The settings files can now be found in /app/config/packages/zanemiller/less-one/config.php

The details of the configuration file can be found in:


LessOne couldn't be easier to use simply call:


Where you want the <link> tag to be inserted in your view.