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jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4|5|6|7
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Package Create Date: 2013-11-27
Package Last Update: 2020-06-17
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Language: PHP
License: MIT
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jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4|5

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This package is created to handle server-side works of DataTables jQuery Plugin via AJAX option by using Eloquent ORM, Fluent Query Builder or Collection.

return datatables()->of(User::query())->toJson();
return datatables()->of(DB::table('users'))->toJson();
return datatables()->of(User::all())->toJson();

return datatables()->eloquent(User::query())->toJson();
return datatables()->query(DB::table('users'))->toJson();
return datatables()->collection(User::all())->toJson();

return datatables(User::query())->toJson();
return datatables(DB::table('users'))->toJson();
return datatables(User::all())->toJson();



Laravel Version Compatibility

Laravel | Package :---------|:---------- 4.2.x | 3.x 5.0.x | 6.x 5.1.x | 6.x 5.2.x | 6.x 5.3.x | 6.x 5.4.x | 7.x, 8.x 5.5.x | 8.x 5.6.x | 8.x 5.7.x | 8.x 5.8.x | 9.x

DataTables 8.x Upgrade Guide

There are breaking changes since DataTables v8.x. If you are upgrading from v7.x to v8.x, please see upgrade guide.

Quick Installation

$ composer require yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle:"~9.0"

Service Provider & Facade (Optional on Laravel 5.5)

Register provider and facade on your config/app.php file.

'providers' => [

'aliases' => [
    'DataTables' => Yajra\DataTables\Facades\DataTables::class,

Configuration (Optional)

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Yajra\DataTables\DataTablesServiceProvider"

And that's it! Start building out some awesome DataTables!

Debugging Mode

To enable debugging mode, just set APP_DEBUG=true and the package will include the queries and inputs used when processing the table.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that APP_DEBUG is set to false when your app is on production.


Please avoid using php artisan serve when developing with the package. There are known bugs when using this where Laravel randomly returns a redirect and 401 (Unauthorized) if the route requires authentication and a 404 NotFoundHttpException on valid routes.

It is advised to use Homestead or Valet when working with the package.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email aqangeles@gmail.com instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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