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Simple QrCode is a QR code generator made for Laravel.
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Maintainer Username: SimplyCorey
Maintainer Contact: (Simple Software LLC)
Package Create Date: 2014-06-09
Package Last Update: 2019-06-05
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Language: PHP
License: MIT
Last Refreshed: 2019-06-12 03:40:41
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Monthly Downloads: 67,353
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Simple QrCode

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Simple QrCode is an easy to use wrapper for the popular Laravel framework based on the great work provided by Bacon/BaconQrCode. We created an interface that is familiar and easy to install for Laravel users.

Official Documentation

Documentation for Simple QrCode can be found on our website.


Please submit all issues and pull requests to the simplesoftwareio/simple-qrcode repository on the develop branch!


This software is released under the MIT license.