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Helper provider to assist in general crud functions of a restful controller
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Package Create Date: 2016-01-02
Package Last Update: 2016-03-12
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Crud Helper for Laravel 5+

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Include into your config/app.php, Sapioweb\CrudHelper\CrudHelperServiceProvider::class,

Use the helper in any controller you plan to use it in, use Sapioweb\CrudHelper\CrudyController as CrudHelper;


use Sapioweb\CrudHelper\CrudyController as CrudHelper;


Available Methods

Grab all data for a given resource

CrudHelper::index($model, $relations = null)

Stores you data for a resource

CrudHelper::store($model, $createData)

Show a single resource

CrudHelper::show($model, $field = 'id', $id, $relations = null)

Preform a where query on relationships

CrudHelper::relationshipQuery($model, $relationships, $relationField = null, $relationshipQuery = null)

Create or update a resource

CrudHelper::createOrUpdate($model, $field, $id, $inputData)

Destroy a resource

CrudHelper::destroy($model, $field = 'id', $id)

Turn a regular string into a slug string



This software is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. For questions please email or or visit to learn more and get in contact