rtablada / testsuites by rtablada

A Laravel 4 helper command for organizing and running phpunit testsuites
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Laravel 4 Testsuites

This package helps you to organize your tests into smaller testsuites to speed up unit testing in Laravel without having to resort to a heavier testing framework like codeception.

Simply create a folder within your tests folder and name it what you whatever you want. For a unit testsuite, I would create a unit folder and run the suite using art test unit. It's that simple!

Installation Using Laravel 4 Package Installer

If you have Laravel 4 Package Installer installed you can install Laravel 4 Testsuites by running php artisan package:install rtablada/laravel-testsuites.

Installing Using Composer

If you do not have Pacakge Installer, you can install Wardrobe Disqus by running composer require rtablada/laravel-testsuites and then modifying your providers in app/config/app.php to include Rtablada\Testsuites\TestsuitesServiceProvider.

Using This Package

Laravel 4 Testsuites gives you two options when running tests:

  1. php artisan test - Runs all of your tests a shorthand for running phpunit
  2. php artisan test suiteName - Runs all of the tests within a folder with suiteName within your tests directory in a standard Laravel 4 installation.