RiCi12 / ldap-laravel-provider by RiCi12

Lean and simple Ldap provider for Laravel 5.1
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Maintainer Contact: ciman.riccardo@gmail.com (Riccardo Ciman)
Package Create Date: 2015-06-09
Package Last Update: 2015-08-17
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Language: PHP
License: MIT
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Lean and simple ldap provider for Laravel 5.1. Works only with Active Directory system.

When is this package useful?

When you need to authenticate your user against a ldap server (Active Directory system), while maintaining a users table in your database.

What is included?

A provider and its service provider.

How to install

In your composer.json, as a required dependency, insert:

"rici12/ldap-laravel-provider": "0.*"

Then run

composer update

After that, open config/app.php and add to your service providers list


Then open config/auth.php and change your driver option

'driver' => 'ldap'

Open the .env file and add the required options

LDAPSERVER = auth.magrathea.com 

Work flow

  1. Try to connect to the provided server
  2. Check if input credentials are correct
  3. If true, search for a user from users table (compairing 'username' attribute)
  4. Return the user, if found; otherwise, throws an Exception.

Use case

In my last project I needed to let the user authenticate with their domain credentials while not letting everybody get access to the homepage; plus, I was asked to implement a really simple roles system (read/write access). So i implemented this authentication service provider wich fits great with Laravel Auth system: you'll be able to access the user from Auth facade.