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Lumen for Doctrine REST API.
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Lumen - Doctrine REST skeleton project

Project allows bring app new Doctrine REST project in seconds.

Please see more about Doctrine REST


To start develop project simple run the command

composer create-project pz/lumen-doctrine-rest-skeleton new-project-name


Please read about Doctrine REST to find out more about library usage.

You also can see unit tests for working examples.

User Controller

Too see example of Rest Controller see file App\Rest\Controllers\UserController.php.

Index action

Used for retrieving list of users.

GET /rest/user

Create action

Used for creating new user.

POST /rest/user

Show action

Used for retrieving user data.

GET /rest/user/1

Update action

Used for update some user attributes.

PATCH /rest/user/1

Delete action

Used for deleting user from DB.

DELETE /rest/user/1