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Generate slug into translit in according to Yandex rules for Laravel 5
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Transliterate cyrillic characters in according to Yandex rules for Laravel 5

Laravel 5 has it's own function str_slug to revert cyrillic characters into translit. But it is not quite right for Yandex.

For example, if you make your URL like this: $slug = str_slug('ёлка') function return result elka. It's not good for SEO. Your URL won't be highlighted into the SERP: not highlighted into the serp

The package makes slug characters in according to Yandex rules, in particular such characters as ё, щ, я, ю, ж, ц. As result Yandex will highlight keyword in URL into the SERP highlighted into the serp


composer require pantagruel964/laravel5-yandex-slug

After updating composer, add the service provider and facade in config/app.php

'providers' => [

'aliases' => [
'Slug' => Pantagruel964\Laravel5YandexSlug\Facades\Slug::class


$slug = Slug::make('ёлка')


This package for Laravel is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license