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Laravel 5 persistent settings
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Laravel 5.4.x persistent settings using JSON cache file

Install process

  1. Require this package with composer :

    composer require oriceon/laravel-settings

  2. Register the ServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php


  3. Add an alias for the facade to aliases array in your config/app.php

    'Settings' => Oriceon\Settings\Facades\Settings::class,

  4. Publish the config and migration files now:

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Oriceon\Settings\SettingsServiceProvider" --force

Change config/settings.php according to your needs.

Create the settings table.

php artisan migrate

How to Use it?

Set a value

Settings::set('key', 'value');
Settings::set('key1.key2', 'value');

Get a value

$value = Settings::get('key');
$value = Settings::get('key1.key2');

Get a value with Default Value.

$value = Settings::get('key', 'Default Value');

Get all settings

$values = Settings::getAll();

Note: default, all settings are loaded from cache. If you want to load them from database with this method just call with a parameter:

$values = Settings::getAll($cache = false);

Note: If key is not found (null) in cache or settings table, it will return default value

Has a key

$value = Settings::has('key');
$value = Settings::has('key1.key2');

Forget a value


Clean and update settings from config file

Settings::clean(['flush' => true]);

Note: using flush parameter, will forget all values and reload settings from config file

Forget all values


Fallback to Laravel config

// Change your config/settings.php
'fallback' => true


 * If the value with key => mail.host is not found in cache or DB of Larave Settings
 * it will return same value as config::get('mail.host');

Primary config file

// Change your config/settings.php
'primary_config_file' => 'filename'

Note: If you want to have a site config file with all your default settings, create a file in config/ with desired name and create your config file as you want. After that, you may no longer need to enter the file name in setting calls.

Instead Settings::get('filename.setting_key') you will just call for Settings::get('setting_key')

Note: It will work if default value in laravel setting is not set

Get a value via an helper

$value = settings('key');
$value = settings('key', 'default value');

Credits to main author

Fwork package : ABENEVAUT/laravel-settings

Original package : efriandika/laravel-settings