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A continuous integration tool designed for Laravel 5 application
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Stand CI

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Stand CI is a continuous integration tool designed for Laravel 5 application. It can easily be integrated into your Laravel 5 application.

Integrated Tools

Stand CI has integrated the following tools:

  • PHPUnit - A unit testing framework

  • PhpMetrics - A tool to generate reports about such as complexity, maintenability, instability of code

  • PHPMD - A tool to detect potential problems in code

  • PHPCPD - A tool to detect duplicate code

  • PHP_CodeSniffer - A tool to detect coding standard violations

  • phpDocumentor - A tool to generate documentation of code


Stand CI has the following requirements:

  • PHP 5.4+

  • Laravel 5.0+


Add the package to your composer.json and run composer update:

    "require-dev": {
        "ngmy/stand-ci": "dev-master"

Add the following to the list of service providers in config/app.php:


Run the following command:

$ php artisan stand-ci:install


via Web Browser

You can access the Stand CI dashborard via your web browser directly, by typing in the following URL:

After you open the dashboard, you can start the build, by click the "Build" button.

via Command Line


You can start the build, by running the following command:

$ sudo -u your_web_server_user -H php artisan stand-ci:build


You can discard old builds, by running the following command:

$ sudo -u your_web_server_user -H php artisan stand-ci:housekeep

This will discard older than the most recent 20 builds.

You can also specify the maximum number of builds to keep, by using the --max-builds option:

$ sudo -u your_web_server_user -H php artisan stand-ci:housekeep --max-builds=5

Note: You must be running these commands as your web server user. Otherwise, you will not be able to housekeep using the browser.

via Crontab

Example: The following will build at one minute past midnight each day:

01 00 * * * sudo -u your_web_server_user -H php /path/to/your/laravel/project/artisan stand-ci:build; sudo -u your_web_server_user -H php /path/to/your/laravel/project/artisan stand-ci:housekeep

Other Features

Build Notification

If you wish to be notified when the build fails, set the sender and receiver, and the pretend option to false, in your config/packages/ngmy/stand-ci/ngmy-stand-ci-notification.php configuration file.