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Nice and simple scope for your models
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Laravel Filterable Trait

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This package is powered by standard Laravel scopes, instead of other similar packages, that brings something like Filter classes to your code, so it is much more easy to jump into. Also, if you decide to remove this package from your project, you will stay with standard scopes which can be used directly further.

Personally, I use this trait for faster development, combining it with $request->all()


By default, you get equality filters (where field = bar) and when you need to support other queries, adding new scopes will do the trick, without changing anything except model. See examples for better understanding.


class Page extends Model
    use Filterable;

    protected $fillable = [
    protected $filterable = [

    public function scopeCreatedAfter($query, $time)
        return $query->where('created_at', '>', $time);

Now, we can use filter scope to filter our queries:

Page::filter(['title' => 'Cool page'])->first(); // equals to where('title', 'Cool page')

Page::filter(['status' => ['new', 'active'])->get() // equals to whereIn('status', ['new', 'active'])

Page::filter(['created_after' => '2017-01-01'])->get() // equals to createdAfter('2017-01-01') (notice our scope in Page class)

Of course it supports filters with multiple keys:

Page::filter(['title' => 'Cool page', 'status' => 'active'])->first()


You can install the package via composer:

composer require n7olkachev/laravel-filterable

Next, add Filterable trait and list all filterable properties:

use Filterable;

protected $filterable = ['created_at', 'title'];

That's all!


$ composer test


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