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Starter Admin Panel for Laravel
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Starter Admin Panel for Laravel projects

Build on AngularJS 1.5, Bootstrap 4


  • Laravel 5.4


  • Install via composer
$ composer require mikelmi/mks-admin
  • Add Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Providers\AdminServiceProvider::class to your providers config
  • Publish assets and config
$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Providers\AdminServiceProvider"
  • Edit config/admin.php

Configure User

For accessing the admin panel User should have 'admin.access' ability (you can define it by Gate::define()). See https://laravel.com/docs/master/authorization#gates for details

[Optional] Define SuperAdmin ability

Implement AdminableUserInterface by your User model

// app/User.php
use Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Contracts\AdminableUserInterface;

class User extends Authenticatable implements AdminableUserInterface {
    public function isSuperAdmin(): bool
        //TODO: return true if user is SuperAdmin
        return false;

[Optional] Enable Password Reset for admins
  1. Enable it in config/admin.php file:

return [
    'reset_enable' => true,
  1. Add Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Traits\AdminableUser Trait to your User model

Configure Menu

By default the menu items are built by \Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Services\SimpleMenu class and configured in the config/admin.php. E.g:

'menu_manager' => \Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Services\SimpleMenu::class,
'menu' => [
    ['title'=>'Home', 'url'=>'#/home', 'hash'=>'home', 'icon'=>'home'],
    ['title'=>'Users', 'url'=>'#/users', 'hash'=>'users', 'icon'=>'user'],

But you can change the default menu manager class by your own which should implements Mikelmi\MksAdmin\Contracts\MenuManagerContract


  1. Define admin routes in routes/admin.php