marcmascarell / artificer-pagination-plugin by marcmascarell

Pagination plugin. Provides pagination to models.
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Maintainer Username: marcmascarell
Maintainer Contact: (Marc Mascarell)
Package Create Date: 2014-11-23
Package Last Update: 2016-11-01
Language: PHP
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Artificer Plugin: Pagination

Pagination plugin for Artificer


Require this package in your composer.json and run composer update:

"mascame/artificer-pagination-plugin": "dev-master"

Add the Service Provider to app/config at the bottom of Providers:


Publish assets and config

php artisan artificer-pagination-plugin:publish

Modify config to fill your needs.


If you want to give your opinion, you can send me an email, comment the project directly (if you want to contribute with information or resources) or fork the project and make a pull request.

Also I will be grateful if you want to make a donation, this project hasn't got a death date and it wants to be improved constantly:

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