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Microsoft Azure Application Insights for Laravel 5
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Package Create Date: 2015-07-29
Package Last Update: 2021-06-29
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Microsoft Application Insights for Laravel 5

A simple Laravel implementation for Microsoft Application Insights


Update the require section of your application's composer.json file:

"require": {
	"marchie/ms-application-insights-laravel": "^0.2",

Service Provider

Add the service provider to the providers array in your application's config/app.php file:

'providers' => [


Add the facades to the aliases array in your application's config/app.php file:

'aliases' => [
	'AIClient' => Marchie\MSApplicationInsightsLaravel\Facades\MSApplicationInsightsClientFacade::class,
	'AIServer' => Marchie\MSApplicationInsightsLaravel\Facades\MSApplicationInsightsServerFacade::class,

Instrumentation Key

The package will check your application's .env file for your Instrumentation Key.

Add the following to your .env file:

MS_INSTRUMENTATION_KEY=<your instrumentation key>

You can find your instrumentation key on the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Navigate to:

Microsoft Azure > Browse > Application Insights > (Application Name) > Settings > Properties


Request Tracking Middleware

To monitor your application's performance with request tracking, add the middleware to your in your application, found in app/Http/Kernel.php. It has to be added after the StartSession middleware has been added.

protected $middleware = [

The request will send the following additional properties to Application Insights:

  • ajax (boolean): true if the request is an AJAX request
  • ip (string): The client's IP address
  • pjax (boolean): true if the request is a PJAX request
  • secure (boolean): true if the request was sent over HTTPS
  • route (string): The name of the route, if applicable
  • user (integer): The ID of the logged in user, if applicable
  • referer (string): The HTTP_REFERER value from the request, if available

The middleware is also used to estimate the time that a user has spent on a particular page. This is sent as a trace event named browse_duration.

Exception Handler

To report exceptions that occur in your application, use the provided exception handler. Replace the following line in your application's app/Handlers/Exception.php file:


# Delete this line
use Illuminate\Foundation\Exceptions\Handler as ExceptionHandler;

# Insert this line
use Marchie\MSApplicationInsightsLaravel\Handlers\MSApplicationInsightsExceptionHandler as ExceptionHandler;


The exception handler will send additional properties to Application Insights, as above.

Client Side

In order to register page view information from the client with Application Insights, simply insert the following code into your Blade views:

{!! AIClient::javascript() !!}

NOTE: Microsoft recommend that you put the script in the <head> section of your pages, in order to calculate the fullest extent of page load time on the client.


If you want to use any of the underlying ApplicationInsights-PHP functionality, you can call the methods directly from the server facade:

AIServer::trackEvent('Test event');

See the ApplicationInsights-PHP page for more information on the available methods.

Version History


  • Added try/catch blocks when flushing data to prevent RequestExceptions from killing the application if there is a problem connecting to Application Insights.


  • Corrected dingus mistake!


  • Added additional properties to exceptions
  • Removed auto-flushing shutdown function


  • Flush queue on exception (otherwise, if Laravel is daemonized, queue exceptions will not be reported)


  • Server side implementation


  • Correcting silly mistake!


  • Empty key no longer results in an exception being thrown (no JavaScript is inserted into the view)


  • Client-side JavaScript only