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LdapLookup is a tool to lookup entries in LDAP For Laravel 5.1+
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LDAP Lookup

================= LDAP lookup is a simple LDAP entries lookup provider for use with in Laravel 5.1 +


The tool requires you have PHP 5.5.9+ and Composer.

To get the version of LDAP lookup that works with Laravel 5.1, add the following line to your composer.json file:

"maenbn/ldaplookup": "1.1.*"

Other wise for Laravel 5.2 add the following instead:

"maenbn/ldaplookup": "1.2.*"

Then run composer install or composer update to install.

You will also need to register the service provider by going into config/app.php and add the following to the providers key:


And you can also register the facade in the `aliases key in the same file like so:

'LdapLookup' => 'Maenbn\LdapLookup\Facades\LdapLookup'


A configuration for your LDAP server is required for the LdapLookup to work. First publish all vendor assets:

$ php artisan vendor:publish

which will create a config/ldaplookup.php file in your app where you can modify it to reflect your LDAP server hostname, port, baseDn, bindRdn, and bindPassword. You can also specify options in an array for your LDAP connection via the options key in the config file.

Add the following lines in your .env file:


You can search for an indivdual user by carrying out the following:

//Find the user with the test123 username
LdapLookup::getByUid('test123'); // will return an array

You can also run your own custom search by doing the following:

LdapLookup::runSearch('mail=test*','first'); // will return first entry
LdapLookup::runSearch('mail=test*'); // will return all entries