lukzgois / request by lukz

Extend Laravel 5's request.
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Maintainer Username: lukz
Maintainer Contact: (Lucas Padilha Gois)
Package Create Date: 2015-03-31
Package Last Update: 2018-02-27
Language: PHP
License: MIT
Last Refreshed: 2023-11-27 03:19:35
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Laravel 5 Extended Requests

Package that exteds the Laravel 5 FormRequest class to easily create custom validation rules.

Quick start

Required setup

In the require key of composer.json file add the following

"lukzgois/request": "dev-master"

Run the Composer update comand

$ composer update

How to use

Make your request extends the Lukzgois\Request\Request class.

use Lukzgois\Request\Request;

class MyRequest extends Request {

Create your rules function with your custom rule:

public function rules()
  	return [
       	'my-rule' => 'custom'

Create a function with the format validate<your_custom_rule>, like this:

public function validateCustom($attribute, $value, $params)
    return $value == 'custom';

Do not forget to put a message for this new rule. It can be in the messages function of the request or in the validation of the lang files.

public fucnction messages()
	return [
    	'custom' => 'My custom message'

And that is it HAHA! :) Please enjoy!