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This is a Laravel 5 Wrapper for the linfo package from jrgp
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Laravel Linfo

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This is a Laravel 5 Wrapper for the linfo package from jrgp -


Open composer.json and add this line below.

    "require": {
        "linfo/laravel": "~1.1"

Or you can run this command from your project directory.

composer require linfo/laravel


Open the config/app.php and add this line in providers section.


Publish config file linfo.php by running this command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Linfo\Laravel\LinfoServiceProvider"


You can use the function like this.

use Linfo\Laravel\Models\Linfo();

$linfo = new Linfo();

$os = $linfo->os; // string
$kernel = $linfo->kernel; // string
$model = $linfo->model; // string
$ram = $linfo->ram; // array
$cpu = $linfo->cpu; // array
$arc = $linfo->cpuarchitecture; // string

You can see other data using dump($linfo) or var_dump($linfo).