leskhq / laravel-enterprise-starter-kit by sroutier

A Starter project based on Laravel LST with theme support, optional LDAP/AD authentication, dynamic route authorization, etc...
Package Data
Maintainer Username: sroutier
Maintainer Contact: sroutier@gmail.com (Sebastien Routier)
Package Create Date: 2015-07-11
Package Last Update: 2019-03-04
Home Page: http://lesk.it
Language: JavaScript
License: GPL-3.0
Last Refreshed: 2020-05-24 15:04:26
Package Statistics
Total Downloads: 19
Monthly Downloads: 1
Daily Downloads: 0
Total Stars: 352
Total Watchers: 40
Total Forks: 188
Total Open Issues: 16

Laravel Enterprise Starter Kit (LESK)

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LESK, is a template project based on the Laravel LTS, combining a set of features that can kick start any Web application for the Internet or on an Intranet.

Look at our Web site at: lesk.it for more info.