laravel / legacy-encrypter by taylorotwell

The legacy version of the Laravel mcrypt encrypter.
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Maintainer Username: taylorotwell
Maintainer Contact: (Taylor Otwell)
Package Create Date: 2016-08-03
Package Last Update: 2017-05-24
Language: PHP
License: MIT
Last Refreshed: 2019-06-12 03:40:49
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Laravel Legacy Encrypter

This encryption package provides support for the legacy Mcrypt encrypter used by Laravel 5.0 through 5.2. It is primarily intended to be used to migrate your data to the new OpenSSL based encrypter used in 5.1 through the latest release of Laravel.

Usage Example

use Laravel\LegacyEncrypter\McryptEncrypter;

$encrypter = new McryptEncrypter($encryptionKey);

$encrypted = $encrypter->encrypt('I am encrypted!');

$decrypted = $encrypter->decrypt($encrypted);