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Save changes to the configuration file in script.
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Save changes to the configuration file in script.


Install using Composer composer require larapack/config-writer 1.*.

Using it's facade

You can use our facade Larapack\ConfigWriter\Facade to ad the write-method to the default Config-facade.

To do this you must open your config file config/app.php and replace 'Config' => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config::class', under providers-section with our facade Larapack\ConfigWriter\Facade::class. Then it will look like 'Config' => 'Larapack\ConfigWriter\Facade::class',.

Once this is done you can use Config::write($configFile, $changes), example changing your application url can be done by Config::write('app', ['url' => '']).

Using the repository

You can also use the repository Larapack\ConfigWriter\Repository which works a little like a model.


$config = new Larapack\ConfigWriter\Repository('app'); // loading the config from config/app.php

$config->set('debug', false); // set the config you wish

if ($config->get('url') == 'http://localhost') // you can even get config from this
	$config->set('debug', true);

$config->save(); // save those settings to the config file once done editing

If you do this a lot I recommend adding the alias 'ConfigWriter' => Larapack\ConfigWriter\Repository::class under the alias-section in the config file config/app.php.