larapack / command-validation by marktopper

Enable a method for Artisan Commands to validate the output of methods like `ask`.
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Laravel Command Validation

Enable a method for Artisan Commands to validate the output of methods like ask.


Install using composer composer require "larapack/command-validation 1.*".


First add the trait Validateable to your Artisan Command.


namespace App\Console\Commands;

use Illuminate\Console\Command;
use Larapack\CommandValidation\Validateable;

class ExampleCommand extends Command
  use Validateable;
  // ...

Then use the validate-method:

  public function fire()
    // We want to get the age from the user, but we would like to validate it.
    // So we use the validate method.
    $age = $this->validate(function() {
      // Here we ask the question we want and return the output
      // Any method returning a value from the command line input can be used here.
      return $this->ask('What is your age?', null);
    }, function($value) {
      // Here we validate the value
      // If the value is NOT valid, we should return a error message.
      // If the value is valid, we don't need to return anything.
      // NOTE: Returning true will also be valid.
      if (!is_numeric($value)) return "Age [{$value}] is not numeric.";
    // Once we are here you will have the validage age
    $this->info("So you are {$age} years old.");

It will look like this:

Command Line Example