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Doctrine Cache Factory for Laravel 5
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Laravel Docrtine Cache Proxy

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Laravel Proxy to Doctrine Cache

When to use

LaravelDoctrineCache implements Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache interface so it's fully compatible with all libraries that are requiring Doctrine Cache such as:

  • Doctrine Annotation Reader
  • Symfony Validator
  • JMS Serializer

How does it work

LaravelDoctrineCache is using cache from app container : Container::getInstance()->offsetGet('cache') and points Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache methods to suitable Laravel Cache methods


$serializer = \JMS\Serializer\SerializerBuilder::create()
  ->setAnnotationReader(new CachedReader(new AnnotationReader(), new LaravelDoctrineCache()))



fetch($id) - Fetches an entry from the cache

contains($id) - Test if an entry exists in the cache

save($id, $data, $lifeTime = false) - Puts data into the cache

delete($id) - Deletes a cache entry