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OneSignal Push Wrapper For Illuminate
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OneSignal Push Notifications for Laravel 5


This project is not actively maintained as of 2018/12/12. I'd strongly urge you to consider a package that is, like berkayk/onesignal-laravel


This project is a wrapper for the OneSignal v1 API. It supports all operations currently supported by the API.

Installation (Laravel and Lumen)

Require the package with composer.

composer require jmrieger/onesignal-laravel
composer update

Laravel Users:

Update config/app.php by adding the following entries.

'providers' => [
	// ...

'aliases' => [
   	// ...
   	'OneSignal' => jmrieger\OneSignal\OneSignalFacade::class

Lumen Users:

update bootstrap/app.php, adding the following entry

$app->register( \jmrieger\OneSignal\OneSignalServiceProvider::class );
class_alias( 'jmrieger\OneSignal\OneSignalFacade', 'OneSignal' );


There are 3 settings that need to be updated: your default OneSignal app ID, the REST API key, and the User Auth Key. All of these items can be found in your Control Panel on the OneSignal site.

First, publish the onesignal config:

php artisan vendor:publish

Place the 3 keys into your .env file, as such:



There is a function for each of the OneSignal API calls. They are broken down here.

Note: In all instances where an $app_id is asked for, omitting it will grab the default OneSignal App ID specified in the .env file


getApps() - Get all Apps for the user
$response = OneSignal::getApps();
getApp( $app_id ) - Get the given App
postapp( $data ) - Create a new App
putApp( $app_id, $data ) - Update an App


getPlayers( $app_id, $limit, $offset ) - Get Players from an App
getPlayer( $id ) - Get Player of the given ID
postPlayer ( $data, $app_id ) - Add Player to an App
putPlayer( $data, $app_id ) - Update Player object for an App
postCSVExport( $app_id ) - Get a CSV dump of all Players for an App
postPlayerOnSession( $data ) - Start a new device session for this Player
postPlayerOnPurchase( $data ) - Track a new purchase for this Player
postPlayerOnFocus( $data ) - Increment the Players total session length


getNotifications( $app_id, $limit, $offset ) - Get all Notifications for an App
getNotification( $id, $app_id ) - Get a Notification from an App
postNotification( $data, $app_id ) - Add a Notification to an App
$response = OneSignal::postNotification([
    "tags"                  =>  [ ["key" => "myKey", "relation" => "=", "value" => 1 ] ],
    "contents"              => ["en" => "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean et iaculis enim. Sed egestas porttitor laoreet."],
    "headings"              => ["en" => "Aliquam consectetur odio sed"],
putNotificationTrackOpen( $id, $app_id, $opened ) - Track whether a Notification was opened
deleteNotification( $id, $app_id ) - Delete a Notification from an App


The official OneSignal API documentation is listed here:


This project was inspired by, and evolved from,