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Next-gen Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout.
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Next-gen Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout with the power of Elasticsearch's queries.


Via Composer

composer require jeroen-g/explorer

You will need the configuration file to define your indexes:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=explorer.config

Also do not forget to follow the installation instructions for Laravel Scout, and in your Laravel Scout config, set the driver to elastic.


Be sure to also have a look at the docs to see what is possible! There is also a demo app available that might be insightful.


You may either define the mapping for you index in the config file:

return [
    'indexes' => [
        'posts_index' => [
            'properties' => [
                'id' => 'keyword',
                'title' => 'text',

Or you may define the model for the index, and the rest will be decided for you:

return [
    'indexes' => [

In the last case you may implement the Explored interface and overwrite the mapping with the mappableAs() function.

Essentially this means that it is up to you whether you like having it all together in the model, or separately in the config file.

Advanced queries

The documentation of Laravel Scout states that "more advanced "where" clauses are not currently supported". Only a simple check for ID is possible besides the standard fuzzy term search:

$posts = Post::search('lorem ipsum')->get();

Explorer expands your possibilities using query builders to write more complex queries.

For example, to get all posts that:

  • are published
  • have "lorem" somewhere in the document
  • have "ipsum" in the title
  • maybe have a tag "featured", if so boost its score by 2

You could execute this search query:

$posts = Post::search('lorem')
    ->must(new Matching('title', 'ipsum'))
    ->should(new Terms('tags', ['featured'], 2))
    ->filter(new Term('published', true))


Be sure you have configured your indexes first in config/explorer.php.

Creating indexes

php artisan elastic:create

Deleting indexes

php artisan elastic:delete

Searching indexes

php artisan elastic:search "App\Models\Post" lorem

Change log

Please see the changelog for more information on what has changed recently.



MIT. Please see the license file for more information.