PJAX for Laravel 5
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PJAX for Laravel 5.*

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Enable the use of PJAX in Laravel 5.*.


Add jacobbennett/pjax to require section in your composer.json

"jacobbennett/pjax": "~1.0"

Add 'JacobBennett\Pjax\PjaxMiddleware', to $middleware in app/Http/Kernel.php

How to use

This middleware will check, before outputting the http response, for the X-PJAX's header in the request. If found, it will crawl the response to return the requested element defined by X-PJAX-Container's header.

jQuery PJAX JS is required to use this package jquery.pjax.js.

See an example on Laracasts


Sometimes when using PJAX it will timeout and trigger a standard page reload. This could be due to various factors but one thing you may try is to extend the default timeout for PJAX using this little snippet when you initialize PJAX.


    // does current browser support PJAX
    if ($.support.pjax) {
    	$.pjax.defaults.timeout = 1000; // time in milliseconds