fraterblack / mailchimpv3-laravel by fraterblack

A minimal service provider to set up and use the Mailchimp Api v3 PHP library in Laravel 5.*
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A minimal service provider to set up and use the Mailchimp APi v3 PHP library in Laravel v5.*

This service provider use Mailchimp API A super-simple, minimum abstraction Mailchimp API v3 wrapper, in PHP.


You can install using Composer:

composer require fraterblack/mailchimpv3-laravel

Register the service provider in config/app.php by inserting into the providers array

'providers' => [

To publish the default configuration file, execute the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Fraterblack\Mailchimp\MailchimpServiceProvider"

Edit your .env file


for more info check ""

How it works

This package contains a service provider, which binds an instance of an initialized Mailchimp API client to the IoC-container.

You recieve the Mailchimp API client through depencency injection already set up with your own API key.

Usage example

class NewsletterManager
	protected $mailChimp;
	protected $listId = '1234567890';        // Id of newsletter list

	 * Pull the Mailchimp API instance from the IoC-container.
	public function __construct(\DrewM\MailChimp\MailChimp $mailChimp)
		$this->mailChimp = $mailChimp;

	 * Add a subscriber in a list
     * for more info check ""
	public function addEmailToList($email)
		try {
			$result = $this->mailChimp->post("lists/" . $this->listId . "/members", [
                'email_address' => $email,
                'status'        => 'subscribed',
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
        	// do something

	 * Get lists
     * for more info check ""
	public function getLists()
		try {
			$result = $this->mailChimp->get("lists");
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
        	// do something

For more examples of usage:

MailChimp API -

Mailchimp V3 Documentation -

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