elemenx / lumen-advanced-route by branchzero

Add Support For Nested Group && Resource.
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Package Create Date: 2017-12-05
Package Last Update: 2021-01-27
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inspired by fremail/lumen-nested-route-groups, adding support for lumen resource route.


  • v.0.1.1 Remove Useless Code.
  • v.0.1.0 Add Support For Lumen 5.5 && Resource.

How to install (steps)

1. Install using Composer

composer require "elemenx/lumen-advanced-route:~0.1"

2. Required changes in bootstrap/app.php

Change initialization of Lumen Application class to initialization of Lumen Nested Route Groups Application class in bootstrap/app.php.


$app = new Laravel\Lumen\Application(


$app = new ElemenX\AdvancedRoute\Application(

Any() and Match() and resource() methods

Do you like any() and match() methods on Laravel? I love them! That's why I added supporting them on Lumen. The syntax is the same as for Laravel:

$app->match($methods, $uri, $action);

Where $methods - an array of methods. Example: ['get', 'post', 'delete']. $uri and $action are the same as on other methods

$app->any($uri, $action);

Here are $uri and $method are the same as on other methods like $app->get(...) etc.

Example of using this lib

This is an example of routes/web.php

$app->group(['middleware' => 'auth'], function () use ($app) {

    $app->get('test', function () {
        echo "Hello world!";

    $app->resource('user', 'UserController', ['only' => ['show', 'store', 'destroy']]);

     * only admins
    $app->group(['middleware' => 'admin'], function () use ($app) {

        $app->group(['prefix' => 'admin'], function () use ($app) {
            $app->get('/', 'AdminController@index');

     * $app->any and $app->match available from v1.1.0
    $app->any('/', function () use ($app) {
        echo "Hey! I don't care it's POST, GET, PATCH or another method. I'll answer on any of them :)";
    $app->match(['PATCH', 'PUT', 'DELETE'], '/old/', function () use ($app) {
        echo "This is an old part of our site without supporting REST. Please use only GET and POST here.";