Laravel DataTables generator/request handler.
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DragonFly\Lists is a Laravel 5 package that makes it easy to set up dataTables for you front-end code, as wel as handle the requests that it requires to retrieve data.

I've taken a similar approach to this problem as Laravel's own form Request's.


First run composer require:

composer require dragonfly/lists

Next open up app/config/app.php and add the serviceProvider:


Once that's done open up app/Http/Kernel.php, we'll need to add a trait to the class and a new property:

    use \DragonFly\Lists\Http\KernelTrait;
    * DataTable definitions (the key is used as a slug for routing)
    * @var array
    protected $tables = [];

Lastly you'll create a new folder called Tables in app/Http and you're all set to go.

However if you'd like to make use of the config file & assets that comes bundled, you could run the following command in your terminal:

php artisan php artisan vendor:publish --provider="DragonFly\Lists\ServiceProvider" --tag="merge"

If you'd like to tweak the views or lang file you cn publish those using:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="DragonFly\Lists\ServiceProvider" --tag="solid"


  • Laravel 5 support
  • Supports both Eloquent and QueryBuilder as data source
  • Flexible rendering
  • Easily generate skeleton definition
  • Offers optional table bulk-actions
  • Full localisation support
  • Fully documented


I've written down the documentation over at