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Laravel 4/5 package to access Routing from Javascript
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Javascript Routing for Laravel 4/5

This package allows you to access Laravel's routing from your Javascript.

The main feature is the possibility to use it easily in local and production environment.

In local environment, the JS routes are re-written each request. In production environment, the JS routes are dumped in a static file for better performance.

If you're using Laravel 4, please read this documentation : Laravel 4 README


Add this line to your composer.json and run composer update

"delormejonathan/laravel-js-routing": "~2.0"

Add the provider to app.php to the providers section


Add the facade to app.php to the aliases section

'JSRouter' => DelormeJonathan\LaravelJsRouting\Facades\JSRouter::class,

Publish assets to public folder

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=public --force


Call the JSRouter plugin in your application template :

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{ asset('packages/delormejonathan/laravel-js-routing/jsrouter.js') }}"></script>

And import routes file dynamically in local and statically in production :

@if (App::environment() == 'production')
	<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/routes.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript">{!! JSRouter::generate() !!}</script>

Now, you can use it in JavaScript :

JSRouter.action('UsersController@edit', { id : 5 }); // For routes without a name
JSRouter.route('mycustomroutename'); // For routes with a name

Don't forget to export routes in production. You can add a custom path right after the 'dump' word. Default path is : public/js/routes.js

php artisan laravel-js-routing:dump
php artisan laravel-js-routing:dump public/mycustompath/mycustomfile.js


You can change the default path with the configuration file. You have to publish the config file :

php artisan config:publish delormejonathan/laravel-js-routing

Then modify it in app/config/packages.

Common issues

Browser console report "No routes detected"

Make sure you have at least one route with a name or a controller in your routes.php.

I added a route to Laravel and the JSRouter doesn't see it

If you are in production environment, remember to export your routes with php artisan laravel-js-routing:dump when you change your routes.php

If you are in local environment, remember that your route needs to point to a controller. It can have a name (optional). This package doesn't work with Closure routes.

Contribution & improvements

The plugin is pretty basic currently. He needs a better parsing engine to manage optional parameters.

Issues or features

Feel free to open an issue if you encounter a problem or contact me directly.



This project is licensed under the MIT license.