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Breadcrumbs integration for Laravel 5
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Laravel 5 Breadcrumbs

A simple Laravel 5-compatible breadcrumbs package. Generates Twitter Bootstrap-compatible output.


Just run this on the command line:

composer require creitive/laravel5-breadcrumbs

Laravel 5.5+ will use the auto-discovery function.

If using Laravel 5.4 (or if you don't use auto-discovery) you will need to include the service providers / facade in config/app.php.

return array(
	// ...

	'providers' => array(
		// ...


	// ...

	'aliases' => array(
		// ...

		'Breadcrumbs' => Creitive\Breadcrumbs\Facades\Breadcrumbs::class,

You're all set!


For usage documentation, please visit the core library that this package depends on: creitive/breadcrumbs.

This particular package registers a shared instance of the breadcrumbs class, and enables you to make the calls on the provided facade, ie. instead of doing $breadcrumbs->addCrumb('Home', '/'), you can do \Breadcrumbs::addCrumb('Home', '/').

Additionally, having this as a separate package enables us to move forward with Laravel-specific features, such as having a configuration file that enables you to more cleanly customize how the package works.

Laravel 4

For Laravel 4 support, visit the creitive/laravel4-breadcrumbs package.


The code is licensed under the MIT license, which is available in the LICENSE file.