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Store custom settings in database and add cache layer for performance
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Package Create Date: 2014-02-21
Package Last Update: 2015-04-24
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Language: PHP
License: MIT
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DSetting (Laravel4 Package)

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Store and handle custom settings in the database. Will use the Laravel cache system to minimize database queries.

Quick start

Required setup

In the require key of composer.json file add the following

"codepeak/dsettings": "dev-master"

Run the Composer update comand

$ composer update

In your config/app.php add 'Codepeak\Dsettings\DsettingsServiceProvider' to the end of the $providers array

'providers' => array(



At the end of config/app.php add 'DSetting' => 'Codepeak\Dsettings\Facades\DSetting' to the $aliases array

'aliases' => array(

    'App'        => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\App',
    'Artisan'    => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan',
    'DSetting'    => 'Codepeak\Dsettings\Facades\DSetting',


Run the migration update command to create the settings table

$ php artisan migrate --package=codepeak/dsettings


Get value from the database (or cache if fetched earlier)


Store or update value

\DSetting::set('database.key', 'my nice value');