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Let's call it a Laravel Content Management Framework
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Sharp 4

Sharp is not a CMS: it's a content management framework, a toolset which provides help building a CMS section in a website, with some rules in mind:

  • the public website should not have any knowledge of the CMS — the CMS is a part of the system, not the center of it. In fact, removing the CMS should not have any effect on the project.
  • The CMS should not have any expectations from the persistence layer: MySQL is cool — but it's not the perfect tool for every problem. And more important, the DB structure has nothing to do with the CMS.
  • Content administrators should work with their data and terminology, not CMS terms. I mean, if the project is about spaceships, space travels and pilots, why would the CMS talk about articles, categories and tags?
  • website developers should not have to work on the front-end development for the CMS. Yeah. Because life is complicated enough, Sharp takes care of all the responsive / CSS / JS stuff.

Sharp intends to provide a clean solution to the following needs:

  • create, update or delete any structured data of the project, handling validation and errors;
  • display, search, sort or filter data;
  • execute custom commands on one instance, a selection or all instances;
  • handle authorizations and validation;
  • all without write a line of front code, and using a clean API in the PHP app.

Sharp 4 needs Laravel 5.5+ and PHP 7.1.3+.


The full documentation is available here:

Online example

A Sharp instance for a dummy demo project is online here: Use these accounts to login:

  • / secret
  • / secret (has a few more permissions)

Data of this demo is reset each hour.

Additional resources

Here's a series of blog posts which present Sharp following a simple example:

And a few more articles on specific features: