A package containing SEO helpers.
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Calotype / SEO

Warning! This package is still in an alpha/beta state.

SEO is a package that provides helpers for some common SEO techniques.


  • Meta tags:

    • Set the meta title and description on the fly.
    • Set the meta title and description by object.
  • Sitemap.xml:

    • Generate a sitemap.xml and add your own entries.
    • Generate entries from one or more objects (lazy-loading is available).
  • Robots.txt:

    • Generate a robots.txt and add your own entries.


Composer / Packagist

Require the package in your composer.json.

"calotype/seo": "dev-master"

Run composer install or update to download the package.

$ composer update


Laravel 4

Just register the service provider and the facades in app/config/app.php and you are good to go.

// Service provider

// Facades (can customize if preferred)
'SEO\Meta'    => 'Calotype\SEO\Facades\Meta',
'SEO\Sitemap' => 'Calotype\SEO\Facades\Sitemap',
'SEO\Robots'  => 'Calotype\SEO\Facades\Robots',