bugsnag / bugsnag-laravel by loopj

Official Bugsnag notifier for Laravel applications.
Package Data
Maintainer Username: loopj
Maintainer Contact: notifiers@bugsnag.com (James Smith)
Package Create Date: 2013-11-10
Package Last Update: 2021-04-29
Home Page: https://docs.bugsnag.com/platforms/php/laravel/
Language: PHP
License: MIT
Last Refreshed: 2021-06-20 03:10:07
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Total Downloads: 10,056,318
Monthly Downloads: 262,986
Daily Downloads: 4,773
Total Stars: 756
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Bugsnag exception reporter for Laravel and Lumen

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The Bugsnag Notifier for Laravel gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your Laravel PHP applications. We support both Laravel and Lumen. Learn more about Laravel error reporting from Bugsnag.

Looking for Laravel 4 support?

v1 of our Laravel package supports Laravel 4. You can find it on our 1.7 branch.


  • Automatically report unhandled exceptions and crashes
  • Report handled exceptions
  • Attach user information and custom diagnostic data to determine how many people are affected by a crash

Getting started

  1. Create a Bugsnag account
  2. Complete the instructions in the integration guide for Laravel or Lumen
  3. Report handled exceptions using Bugsnag::notify()
  4. Customize your integration using the configuration options



All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test, and release, see our contributing guide.


The Bugsnag Laravel library is free software released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.