brayniverse / laravel-route-macros by brayniverse

A collection of useful route macros.
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Laravel route macros

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Begin by installing the package through Composer.

$ composer require brayniverse/laravel-route-macros

Then add the following to your providers array in config/app.php.




Normally you'd have to return a view in either a controller method or callback like the following:

public function contact()
  return view('contact');

// or

Route::get('/contact', function () {
  return view('contact');

Now you can do the same in one line.

Route::view('/contact', 'contact');


Normally you'd have to create a closure to redirect to the new route.

Route::get('/contact_us', function () {
  return redirect('/contact');

Now you can do the same in one line.

Route::redirect('/contact_us', '/contact');

Optionally, you can pass a third argument to Route::redirect() which will set the status code when redirecting. If you do not specify a status code, the package will use 301 as the status code.

Route::redirect('/contact_us', '/contact', 302);