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Simple LESS compiler for Laravel
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Package Create Date: 2015-01-24
Package Last Update: 2015-02-11
Language: PHP
License: MIT
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LaLess (Laravel4 Package)

LaLess is a Simple LESS compiler for Laravel 4 based on a PHP port (Less.php / oyejorge/less.php) of the official LESS processor

Quick start

Required setup

In the require key of your composer.json app file add the following line:

"berbecki/laless": "dev-master"

Then, run in terminal the Composer update comand:

$ composer.phar update

In your config/app.php add line 'Berbecki\Laless\ServiceProvider' to the end of the $providers array

'providers' => array(



You are ready to go! Your application will now compile your LESS files when needed.

Configuration (is optional but recommended)

By default, Laless will consider the directory public/assets/less as the input and public/assets/css for the output. But if you wish to change these values simply publish the package config files:

$ php artisan config:publish berbecki/laless

and define the origin and destination keys in config/packages/berbecki/laless/config.php. For example:

// config/packages/berbecki/laless/config.php

// Paths should be relative to app folder.
'origin'        => 'mylessfiles',
'destination'   => '../public/mycss',

Console usage

If for some reason you need to force the compilation of LESS files (ex: in production environment), its possible through the command:

$ php artisan laless:compile


Laless is a free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license

Aditional information

If you have a questions, feel free to contact with me.