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Laravel Profanity Filter

Filter profanity, or other bad words, out of a string using Laravels localization feature or with any PHP application and some custom coding.


composer require askedio/laravel5-profanity-filter

Register in config/app.php.

Register the service providers in Laravel 5.4 or lower to enable the package:



php artisan vendor:publish

You can edit the default list of words to filter along with the settings in config/profanity.php.

replaceWith can also be a string of chars to be randomly chosen to replace with, like '&%^@#'.

You can create your own list of words, per language, in resources/lang/[language]/profanity.php.


$string = app('profanityFilter')->filter('something with a bad word');

The $string will contain the filtered result.

You can also define things inline

$string = app('profanityFilter')->replaceWith('#')->replaceFullWords(false)->filter('something with a bad word'));

You can also use the profanity filter with Laravels Validation feature:

    'title' => 'required|profanity|unique:posts|max:255',


  • filter($string = string, $details = boolean) pass a string to be filtered.

    • Enable details to have an array of results returned:
        "orig" => "",
        "clean" => "",
        "hasMatch" => boolean,
        "matched" => []
  • reset() reset replaceWith and replaceFullWords to defaults.

  • replaceWith(string) change the chars used to replace filtered strings.

  • replaceFullWords(boolean) enable to replace full words, disable to replace partial.

Profanity Filter with PHP

You can also use this package without Laravel.

use Askedio\Laravel5ProfanityFilter\ProfanityFilter;

$config = []; // Data from `resources/config/profanity.php`
$badWordsArray = []; // Data from `resources/lang/[lang]/profanity.php`

$profanityFilter =  new ProfanityFilter($config, $badWordsArray);
$string = $profanityFilter->filter('something with a bad word');


This package is based on banbuilder.