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Driver file cache, separation key-folder, Laravel 4 integration
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File cache driver - Fcache


File cache driver distrubutes cache to folders depending to key-parameter. This is Laravel 4 integration of Fcache.

Quick Start

You can install this Fcache class quickly and easily with Composer.

Edit your composer.json and add next:

"artdevue/fcache": "dev-master"

Run Composer to install or update the new dependencies:

$ composer update

Laravel 4 Integration

The Fcache Cache class supports Laravel 4 integration. Best practice is to add the ServiceProvider of the Intervention Fcache in Laravel 4 installment.

Open your Laravel config file config/app.php and add the following:

In the $providers section add service providers for this package.


Open your Laravel global file start/global.php and add the following lines.

Cache::extend('fcache', function($app)
    $store = new Artdevue\Fcache\Fcache;
    return new Illuminate\Cache\Repository($store);


Open your Laravel config file config/cache.php and change driver to fcache.

'driver' => 'fcache',

Note! All commands are identical to the driver file cache, except forget

To create a directory cache it is enough to separate the slash key directory, the file will be the last word.

For example, create the key folder/onesubfolder/onefile.

Cache::put('folder/onesubfolder/onefile', 'value', $minutes);

The system automatically will create subfolders - folder and onesubfolder, and the file onefile.cache


With the file cache Fcache you can delete the entire cache, and the cache folder. To delete a file folder/onesubfolder/onefile.cache


If you need to remove all the files in a directory folder/onesubfolder, then change the key to folder/onesubfolder.


You can group your cache folders, it gives you ability to delete the whole group cache files.

Using tags

Also file driver Fcache works with Tags. When you add a cache, you can use comma-separated parameter tags. Example:

Cache::tags('country,all')->put('key', 'value', $minutes);


$value = Cache::tags('users,all')->rememberForever('users', function()
   return DB::table('users')->get();

Now you can easily remove any cache tag. For example, to delete the cache tag with the users:


Note! If you want to delete the cache with different tags, assign comma-separated tags. For example: