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Game Analytics API Service Provider for Laravel 4.
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GameAnalytics for Laravel 4

GameAnalytics is a powerful analytics engine for game studios that supports the full life cycle from acquisition to retention to monetization of players - with a particular emphasis on user experience. GameAnalytics has been built to specifically support the very data intensive games industry with tailor made reporting such as completion time per level, 3d heatmaps of in-game evens, and a pricing model that allows developers to track an unlimited amount of in-game player behavior.

GameAnalytics for laravel 4 (ga-4-laravel) is a service provider for php laravel 4 framework. It is simple library/wrapper that provides you some useful methods to deal with Game Analytics REST API.


Add ga-4-laravel to your composer.json file:

"require": {
	"artdarek/ga-4-laravel": "dev-master"

Use composer to install this package.

$ composer update

Registering the Package

Add the ga-4-laravel Service Provider to your config in app/config/app.php:

'providers' => array(


There are two ways to configure ga-4-laravel (GameAnalytics Service Provider for laravel 4). You can choose the most convenient way for you. You can put your credentials into app/config/gameanalytics.php (option 1) file or use package config file which you can be generated through command line by artisan (option 2).

Option 1: Configure GameAnalytics Service Provider using app/config/gameanalytics.php file

Create new config file in app/config/ directory and name it gameanalytics.php. Now simply edit created file and put there below code:

	| GameAnalytics Config
	'game' => array(

		 * Your Game Key
		'key' => '',

		 * Secret
		'secret' => '', 


	'api' => array(

		 * API version
		'version' => 1

	 * Handler [Default: Curl]
	'handler' => 'Curl',

Option 2: Configure GameAnalytics Service Provider using package config file

Run on the command line from the root of your project:

$ php artisan config:publish artdarek/ga-4-laravel

Set your GameAnalytics credentials in app/config/packages/artdarek/ga-4-laravel/config.php


Sending data to GameAnalytics

	// data to send 
    $userData = [
	    "user_id" => "8f64a3b5-84c9-4932-9715-48e9456654b1",
	    "session_id" => "f81fc6bd-0d70-44f3-a3d2-9a3056d6d66f",
	    "build" => "Test",
	    "gender" => "M",
	    "birth_year" => 1977,
	    "friend_count" => 7

Send data to user category:

	// send data to user category using query() method:
    $ga = GameAnalytics::query('user', $userData)->send();

	// send data to user category using queryUser() method:
    $ga = GameAnalytics::queryUser($userData)->send();

You can use these methods to send data to other categories: queryDesign(), queryBusiness(), queryQuality() or just pass name of the category (user, business, design, quality) as first parameter of query() method.

More usage examples

Go to Official docs to find more usage examples and informations about GA REST API.