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Aimeos shop system
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Aimeos shop system

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Aimeos is THE professional, full-featured and high performance e-commerce platform! You can install it within 5 minutes and can adapt, extend, overwrite and customize anything to your needs.

Aimeos Laravel demo

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The Aimeos shop distribution requires:

  • Linus/Unix or WAMP/XAMP environment
  • PHP >= 7.0.4
  • MySQL >= 5.7
  • Web server (Apache, Nginx or integrated PHP web server for testing)

If required PHP extensions are missing, composer will tell you about the missing dependencies.


To install the Aimeos shop application, you need composer. On the CLI, execute this command for a complete installation including a working setup:

composer create-project aimeos/aimeos myshop

You will be asked for the parameters of your database and mail server as well as an e-mail and password used for creating the administration account.

In a local environment, you can use the integrated PHP web server to test your new Aimeos installation. Simply execute the following command to start the web server:

cd myshop
php artisan serve


After the installation, you can test the Aimeos shop frontend by calling the URL of your VHost in your browser. If you use the integrated PHP web server, you should browse this URL:

Aimeos frontend


The Aimeos administration interface will be available at /admin in your VHost. When using the integrated PHP web server, call this URL:

Aimeos admin backend


Laravel and the Aimeos e-commerce package are extremely flexible and highly customizable. A lot of documentation for the Laravel framework and the Aimeos e-commerce framework exists. If you have questions about Aimeos, don't hesitate to ask in our Aimeos forum.

For more details about Aimeos Laravel integration, please have a look at its repository.


The Aimeos shop system is licensed under the terms of the MIT and LGPLv3 license and is available for free.